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Fr. Patrick Devine

The Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation focuses on the root cause of violence in the tribal lands of eastern Africa. It was created in 2009 in the wake of persistent widespread violence and dislocation across northern Kenya, and in the aftermath of the disputed Kenyan elections. Shalom has made a major impact on peace initiatives in this vital strategic of Africa.

Our mission depends on the generosity and assistance of visionary donors and supporters – people like yourself who believe that peace is the answer and that human beings can live together not just in the absence of war but in productive harmony.

All of our efforts are geared toward reconciliation and the peace process in this vital region of Africa. We cannot do it alone. Please understand that Shalom’s staff, our volunteers, our leadership and those who help our cause remain extremely grateful for your generosity. Your gift helps to bring peace and reconciliation to many thousands of people.

Our mission is this: To work for a society free of physical violence and unjust social structures in Africa, while building peaceful and reconciled communities.

Thank you for your support, your prayers, and your generosity.


Fr. Patrick Devine, SMA

Executive Director